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Sizing Auxiliary

ALPENOL NUOVO is a Compound Sizing Agent. This new variant has been developed by conducting extensive trials in our laboratory initially over the last couple of years. After successful trials in the laboratory we have gone ahead and conducted trials at a few of our customers end. This product have been developed keeping in mind the requirement of the user industry for present day as well as looking at the future requirements. On a daily basis the weaving loom manufacturers have been modernizing their technology and there by increasing the weft insertion speed for all types of Airjet & Rapier Looms. At the same time the apparel & home furnishing manufacturers are continuous asking for higher density fabrics to be woven at previously un- heard of speed levels. The present requirement thus is for sizing yarn with the minimum size add on percentage so as to be able to reduce the diameter of the yarn which will enable the weaver to keep the cover factor within the limit for weaving high density fabrics on the present day high speed looms having weft insertion speeds of 1200 picks/min and above. At the same time the adhesive power required to be imparted to the film on the yarn should be strong enough to width stand this higher tension due to the higher weaving speeds. ALPENOL NUOVO is specially developed for sizing of Dyed yarns and high density Greige fabrics of medium & fine counts for 100% Cotton & 100 % Viscose yarns, suitable for making shirting’s fabric. In the present world of global competition quality and cost both will play vital role and will have the edge over counterparts/competitors. It is for this reason our continuous endeavor to research the best in the field and our sincere thanks to our supporter/user mills for giving whole hearted support and cooperation.

How Alpenol Nuovo is cost efficient:
1. Ability to work Weaving Looms at higher speed than conventional size recipe. Thereby achieving higher fabric production.
2. Advantage in achieving higher efficiency there by getting more meters with same fixed cost giving contribution to straight profit.
3. Better working leads to less weaving damage hence better packing in exports as well as in domestic sorts. Longer length in export will upgrade the products - demand and image in International market.
4. In domestic market, better length will bring down the packing cost and labor cost in finish- folding department.
5. At the time of processing this fabric requires lesser chemicals for desizing and bleaching. Thereby reducing the desizing cost. At the same time the desizing will be faster thereby reducing the total process time.

6. Saving in Dead-Loss from 35% to 20%. All mills using this material get between 17% to 20% max. Dead-Loss.
7. Lower inventory carrying cost as it does not involve more ingredients. Cost of money is very high in present economic scenario.
8. Utilities cost comes down due to lower humidity.

Advantages of using Alpenol Nuovo:
1. “ALPENOL NUOVO” being a “Compound” Sizing Agent do not require additional Products to be added to size-mix.
2. These products are easy to handle, preparation of paste is simple. They can be applied to all types of Spun Yarns having different counts and the loom-shed efficiency improves remarkably leading to higher cloth production.
3. Less human error in preparation of size mix as only ALPENOL is to be added to water.
4. No chance of softening or dry out of beams because of high or low humidity.
5. No Sticking of warp yarns to each other because of high moisture % in yarn hence also no shedding.
6. It is not prone to mildew formation. (Suitable for Export).
7. No pollutant material like PENTA CHLORO PHENOL (PCP) etc. are used hence no export ban in any foreign countries. Moreover it is ECO-FRIENDLY & ENVIORNMENT
FRIENDLY and confirms to the Strictest International Norms of American and
European Standards for Pollution.
8. It offer low warp breaks even at 10% lower humidity, hence saving in electricity by
20% which may amount Rs. 2 Lac to 3 Lac per months depending upon plant
Capacity. (This saving makes sizing cheaper).
9. Breaking Strength of yarn increases and elongation property improves because very good penetration and pliability of size film over the yarn.
10. Smooth and even outer surface of yarn offers least abrasion to Healds & Reeds resulting in their longer life.
11. It has given 98% packing even in Dyed yarn fabric woven on high speed shuttle-less loom.
12. Fabric appearance improves, due to lesser number of warp breaks in weaving.
13. Fuller effect on grey fabric.
14. Ductility and Malleability of yarn improves.
15. Even & Fault free Weaving.
16. Better working condition for worker because of low Relative Humidity (R.H.).
17. No droppings.
18. Dead Loss percentage would vary from 17 - 20% depending upon the practice of user mills.
19. No environmental pollution as the BOD&COD is much within the stipulated standard. Hence no effluent problem.
20. These are more effective products particularly in High speed weaving such as Air Jet,
Rapier, Sulzer (Projectile) where the rate of weft insertion is very high.

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