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KV Conc

Modified Starch

ALPENOL KV Conc is a modified starch for sizing coarse yarn counts of 100% Cotton. Keeping abreast with the latest development, we offer the supreme product in the “Chemical Technology for sizing” which spells economy and efficiency. The product stands out by its own merits and services in large number of units all over India. Along with sales in India, we have regular sales of our products in the International Markets of Egypt, Mauritius, Sri-Lanka, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, etc. In the present world of global competition quality and cost both will play vital role and will have the edge over counterparts/ Competitors. Keeping this in mind, it is our continuous endeavor to research the best in the field and our sincere thanks to our supporters/user mills for giving wholehearted support and co-operation. The entire “KNOW-HOW” is developed in collaboration with “Swiss Group of Technicians” with CLOSELY GUARDED TECHNOLOGY. The main advantage of these products is that the primary component of this size is hydroxylated starch. This is an entirely novel product which is manufactured by passing the starch in the dry state over a platinized woolen blanket roll which acts as a catalyst, for the process. The entire process is conducted at high temperature and pressure. Through this reaction extra hydroxyl groups are introduced in the molecule of starch chain which makes the treated starch adhere more effectively to the yarn.

How Alpenol KV Conc is cost efficient:
1. Advantage in efficiency there by getting more meters with same fixed cost giving contribution to straight profit.
2. Longer length in export will upgrade the products demand and image in the Customer’s Eye.
3. Better length will bring down the packing cost and labour cost in finish-folding department.
4. During processing, the cloth after desizing and bleaching gives better brightness in colour thereby less colour chemical cost compared to that of conventional sized fabrics. It also receives better approval in the market.
(Better Yield of colour)
5. Utilities cost comes down due to lower humidity.

Advantages of using Alpenol KV Conc:
1. Less human error in preparation of size mix as only ALPENOL is to be added to water. No chance of softening or dry out of beams because of high or low humidity.
2. No Sticking of warp yarns to each other because of high moisture % in yarn hence also no shedding. It is not prone to mildew formation. (Suitable for Export)
3. No pollutant material like PENTA CHLORO PHENOL (PCP) etc. are used, hence no export ban in any foreign countries. Alpenol products are eco-friendly and environment friendly and are also compliant with the stringent pollutant norms of the United States of America and European Union.
4. All Variants of ALPENOL ARE GOTS CERTIFIED by M/s. Control Union, Netherlands as suitable to size organic cotton yarn.
5. It offers lower warp breaks even at 10% low humidity, hence saving in power costs by up to 20% which may amount to Rs. 2 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs per month depending upon plant capacity. (Saving makes sizing cheaper)
6. Breaking Strength of yarn increases and there is a much lower reduction penetration and pliability of size film over the yarn.
7. Smooth and even outer surface of yarn offers least abrasion to Healds
8. It has given 98% first quality packing even in dyed yarn fabric woven on high speed Air Jet
9. Looms. Fabric appearance improves, due to lesser number of warp breaks on the looms.
10. Fuller effect on grey fabric. in elongation property due to very good
11. & Reeds resulting in their longer life.
12. Ductility and Malleability of yarn improves.
13. Even & Fault free sized Yarn.
14. Better working condition for worker because of low R. humidity.
15. Reduced droppings / dusting on weaving looms.
16. Dead loss percentage would vary from 17-20% depending upon the practice of user mills.
17. No environmental pollution as the BOD & COD is much within the stipulated standard. Hence No effluent problem.
18. These are more effective products particularly for High speed weaving looms such as Air Jet, Rapier, Sulzer (Projectile) where the rate of weft insertion is very high.

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