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Alpenol, a revolutionary "single-shot" sizing chemical, eliminates the need for additional products in the size mix, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Since 1988, our unwavering commitment to providing the best sizing experience in an environmentally friendly way has empowered customers to enjoy sustainable benefits. This commitment empowers our customers to achieve benefits beyond efficient sizing. Alpenol's customer-centric approach ensures personalised service, fostering enduring partnerships. With decades in the market, we are recognised as a brand synonymous with excellence in textile sizing, built on quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Choosing Alpenol means choosing a brand that not only revolutionises sizing but also deeply cares for its customers, standing as a beacon of excellence in the textile industry with a strong focus on sustainability. This commitment empowers our customers to achieve the following benefits:

  • Decrease inventory costs: Alpenol size being single-shot in nature, inventory maintenance becomes very convenient, and the cost of holding inventory reduces.

  • Customisation: At Alpenol, our commitment is to elevate customer satisfaction by tailoring sizing chemicals to the specific needs of our clients. Recognising the uniqueness of each customer's requirements, we provide customised solutions. Our team of dedicated technicians and experts stands ready to offer assistance, ensuring our customers attain optimal results with our products.

  • Decrease human and weighing errors: Using Alpenol Size eliminates human error since the complete bag is to be used and there is no need for weighing.

  • Save power and electricity: Yarn-sized by using Alpenol gives excellent performance even at 10% lower relative humidity. Thereby reducing electricity costs.

  • Improve the life of Heald and Reed: Alpenol-sized yarn being free of synthetic polymers gives a smoother coating on the yarn surface, due to which there is less abrasion on the heald and reed, resulting in a longer life in the long run. This is because Alpenol is primarily made of organic (naturally occurring) raw materials.

  • Increase in utilisation percentage: Using Alpenol size, the increase in utilisation percentage is a phenomenon in comparison to conventional size, as Alpenol is in powder form and has a maximum moisture content of 10–12%. Also, in Alpenol size, the size recipe remains the same even in cases of sort variation; the only change is the concentration. With Alpenol, the utilisation of the size using alpenol is at least 80–85%.

  • Decrease consumption of size chemicals: The Alpenol Size recipe requires a lesser dosage percentage than the conventional size recipe. Hence, lower consumption of size chemicals.

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