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Textile Industry
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siZaltex LVn

Sizing Auxiliary

We are pleased to introduce our newly developed product, siZaltex Lvn which is a compound for warp sizing. SiZaltex Lvn is suitable for sizing on all types of spun yarns namely cotton/polyester cotton and viscose rayon/polyester viscose rayon. Woven fabrics that are sized by SiZaltex Lvn can easily be desized by a hot wash at 80-90 degrees depending on the denseness of the fabric construction, you may add a small quantity of a good wetting agent.

SiZaltex Lvn has a number of special properties:
1. It helps replace PVA fully.
2. Improves wet pick up by 25%.
3. Easy effluent disposal. Thereby reducing cost of ETP and making it more environment friendly.
4. Reduction in hairiness in sized yarn.
5. Can be easily removed from the fabric by a simple hot wash. Fabrics also feel a lot softer in comparison to normal desized fabric and it helps reduce finishing costs.
6. Forms a high flexible film on the yarn.
7. Has high adhesive power resulting in minimum dust and fibre loss both, on slander and on the loom.
8. Forms a transparent and stable solution, even at room temperature.

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